High Demand For Raw Vietnamese Hair Bundles Explanation

It should not be a surprise that raw Vietnamese hair bundles are really popular right now. However, a lot of individuals continue to have misconceptions about their qualities and description. You will understand everything and be able to locate the best raw Vietnamese hair bundles.

Raw Vietnamese hair bundles and secret behind

1. Understanding raw Vietnamese hair bundles

Vietnamese hair bundles that are still in their natural state are highly sought-after and popular worldwide. It is recognized as a product with excellent economic efficiency by many hair wholesalers. In this section, we’ll discuss what raw Vietnamese hair bundles are and some of their best qualities.

1.1. What are bundles of raw Vietnamese hair

100% Vietnamese human hair is used to make raw Vietnamese hair bundles, which are then wrapped after being obtained from one to three donors. Because raw Vietnamese hair bundles have never undergone chemical or thermal processing, the cuticles are in good shape.

Raw vietnamese hair

1.2. How to tell the differences between Vietnamese hair bundles from other types

After being removed from donors, raw Vietnamese hair bundles are partially processed into weft, tape, and clip-in hair varieties,… You may either purchase completed goods like weft hair, clip-ins, and tape-ins that can be utilized right away, or you can get raw Vietnamese hair bundles and prepare them later.

What is Vietnamese raw hair bundle

1.3. Properties of raw Vietnamese hair bundles

Here are some standout qualities of raw Vietnamese hair bundles:

  • Raw hair, also known as unprocessed hair, is a term used to describe items that have not undergone any kind of chemical or thermal processing. True, raw hair is the best and purest type of hair that is currently accessible. Raw hair is a fantastic material because of its high quality and long durability.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair bundles are straight and have a glossy black color. Since the manufacturer complied with the customer’s wishes and pre-processed as requested, there may be some light curly hair.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair bundles can be bleached to get the most popular hue in Europe, a 613 blonde tone.

2. Factors impacting the cost of raw Vietnamese hair bundles in state

The cost of raw Vietnamese hair bundles is influenced by a wide range of factors. Some of the most crucial things you should bear in mind are covered in this section.

2.1. What varieties of Vietnamese hair bundles are raw

Prices for raw Vietnamese hair bundles might vary depending on the type of raw hair. Weft hair, for instance, will cost less than clip-ins, tape-ins, or tip-ins. Natural weft hair from Vietnam that has been double drawn starts at $10, while natural clip-in hair extensions cost $12.

2.2. Vietnamese raw hair bundles’ quality

Vietnamese raw hair bundle quality

The regularity of the length of the hair is one of the most crucial elements in deciding the pricing of raw Vietnamese hair bundles. And there are three primary grades used for evaluation:

  • Single Drawn: The cheapest grade, consisting of mixed lengths for the remaining 50–55% of the raw Vietnamese hair bundles.
  • Double Drawn: middle grade with around 70–75 percent of the bundles of unprocessed Vietnamese hair being the same length and the remaining having mixed lengths.
  • Super Double Drawn: The most costly which has 90–95% raw Vietnamese hair bundles of the same length with the remaining hair being of various lengths.

For instance, 8″ single drawn natural Vietnamese bone straight weft hair costs $14 on average, whereas double drawn costs $18 and super double costs $21.