V Hair Vendor The Only Hair Vendor You Need

Females frequently purchase hair extensions, and I’m sure that every woman is searching for and anxious to get the most visually acceptable wig she can. V Hair Vendor is born as a service to you.

1. Products from V Hair Vendor’s Leading Brand

V Hair Vendor is confident in its ability to supply you with high-quality hair products. Clip and Tape wigs are the company’s major offerings. V Hair Vendor products are always of high quality, and there are often special deals when purchasing in bulk. Always have customer assistance available before and after purchasing a product.

1.1. Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are one of V Hair Vendor’s most popular basic items. Clip-in hair extensions are hair extensions that are clip clipped into natural hair. These clips are advantageous to the user since they are compact and light.

  • V Hair Vendor supplies clip-in hair extensions made of virgin remy hair, which has a straight and natural appearance. The word “virgin remy hair” refers to untouched, pure, long-lasting hair. The phrase “virgin hair” has all but vanished. Mainly all Chinese hair manufacturers in the market claim to have virgin hair. It is not true. Even the “human hair” they offer might be blended with 50% synthetic, and Nigerian clientele buys in bulk.
v-hair-vendor-the-only-hair-vendor-you-need-hair vendor-1
Clip-in hair extension
  • Natural straight dark color clip-in hair extensions provide gloss, strength, and longevity since they are manufactured with excellent Vietnamese hair and innovative production techniques.
  • V Hair Vendor’s clip-in hair extensions are available in natural straight and dark tones ( from 1.0-7.0). * Please keep in mind that we color depending on individual client preferences.
  • Especially, they are famous for Vietnamese bone straight hair because of its high quality with reasonable prices.
  • Weight: A bundle of genuine straight hair Dark-colored clip-in hair extensions are typically 100 grams in weight. Depending on the length, one hairpiece typically weighs between 300 and 500g.
  • Money Gram, Western Union, and bank transfers are just a handful of the accessible payment methods.
  • Clip-in hair extension goods will be sent using UPS, DHL, FEDEX, or AGENT.

1.2. Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in extensions are hair enhancements that are added to natural hair. Because the tapes are so light, the user may be unaware that they are wearing hair extensions. It is now required for everybody who desires long, thick, and gorgeous hair.

  • V Hair Vendor’s natural tape-in hair extensions are made from virgin remy hair. “Virgin remy hair” is untreated, pure, and long-lasting hair. The cuticle must also be maintained to ensure that hair strands flow in a single direction.
v-hair-vendor-the-only-hair-vendor-you-need-hair vendor-2
Tape-in hair extension
  • Quality: Natural tape-in hair extensions with gloss, strength, and durability are created using premium Vietnamese hair and experienced production procedures.
  • Color: You may leave our tape-in hair extensions natural or dye them jet black if you want.
  • Please be aware that V Hair Vendor’s have the right to change colors to meet the needs of specific clients.

2. The Mission of V Hair Vendor

V Hair Vendor was created on the premise of putting the needs of the consumer first. As a result, the firm is always focused on regulations that safeguard customers’ interests when utilizing V Hair Vendor’s products. The firm has a clear delivery policy; the time is generally 7-10 days, and V Hair Vendor always assures the delivery schedule. If there is any loss or damage, V Hair Vendor will take full responsibility. The corporation also has a legitimate justification for its return policy for unused items within 3 days.