Why Is Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Highly Recommended

Due to its durability and naturalness, Vietnamese bone straight hair is one of the most often used varieties of Vietnamese human hair extensions. You may get a lot of helpful information about Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions in this article.

Why Is Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Highly Regarded

1. Why is Vietnamese bone straight hair so popular

Bone straight hair is thin, straight, and seems to be exceedingly smooth. Vietnamese bone straight hair is totally unprocessed hair that is bone straight and created entirely of Vietnamese human hair

1.1 Vietnamese bone straight hair’s origin

Vietnamese women in the country’s northern areas, where the temperature is moderate and their hair is less likely to be damaged by the sun, have hair that is bone straight and originates from young, healthy women.

Vietnamese hair

In Vietnam, one to three donors are frequently used to harvest bone straight hair. The hair is less prone to become tangled or matted since the cuticles are still intact and it grows in one direction.

1.2. Vietnamese bone straight hair’s features

Vietnamese hair is famous for being bone straight, and the following are some of its most notable qualities:

  • Black is the hue that Vietnamese people’s bone straight hair is naturally. Due to the healthy lives of Vietnamese women and the usage of natural hair care products, their hair is strong, silky, and smooth.
  • You may colour Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions whatever color you choose. In instance, it may be bleached up to 613 blonde, a very popular and fashionable shade in Europe.
  • Contrary to Indian hair, which is thin and naturally wavy, getting Indian hair to be bone straight needs a lot of chemicals. As a result, after being straightened, the hair is frequently thin and dry. Vietnamese hair is naturally bone straight, thus extensive chemical processing is not necessary to obtain Vietnamese hair that is bone straight.
  • With proper care, the average lifetime of Vietnamese bone straight hair strands is 3-5 years. Vietnamese hair that is bone straight is also very easy to keep smooth and straight. The popularity of haircare among African customers can also be attributed to its time- and convenience-saving qualities.
The feature of Vietnamese bone straight hair

2. Vietnamese bone straight hair costs are affected by a number of factors

Here, we’ll look at a few of the factors used to determine the cost of Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions.

2.1. Vietnamese bone straight hair’s grade

Although there are numerous aspects to take into account when assessing the quality of raw Vietnamese hair bundles, standards based on the uniformity of hair length are employed to assure quality, and it heavily influences the price.

  • Single drawn: The cheapest option, with around 50–55 percent of the hair being the desired length.
  • Double drawn: For this grade of bone straight Vietnamese hair, around 70–75 percent of the hair is the desired length.
  • Super double drawn: This is the priciest and most sophisticated grade, but it’s worth it since it assures that 90–95% of the hair will be the desired length, which is the most uniform length that is achievable.
The grade of Vietnamese bone straight hair

2.2. Vietnamese bone straight hair’s length

If you desire the Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions to endure longer, you will need to spend more money. Vietnamese human hair is extracted from highland ladies with long hair in order to fulfill all length standards. Vietnamese bone straight hair bundles with lengths ranging from 8 to 30 inches are frequently available.

2.3. Vietnamese bone straight hair’s colors

Vietnamese hair that is bone straight is priced according to grade, length, and color. Costlier than natural or darker tones are hues that must be bleached or more vibrant.4

3. Checklist for purchasing superior Vietnamese bone straight hair

Vietnamese hair that is bone straight is renowned for its exceptional qualities, however, not everyone can purchase fine Vietnamese hair. We’ll provide you with some advice on how to pick the top Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions down below.

Tips to buy Vietnamese bone straight hair
  • Pull and brush the hair with light to firm pressure from tip to bottom to see if Vietnamese bone straight hair may be readily removed.
  • For colored hair: If they rub the hair bundle with their hands and the color transfers to their hands, the color will undoubtedly fade quickly.
  • Grade of Vietnamese bone straight hair:
    • Single drawn: It’s simple to notice that a cluster of hair progressively becomes thinner at the end while being thicker at the top.
    • Double drawn: Although the hair is thicker at the top, the ends are not much different.
    • Super double: Almost every hair in the bundle has the same length and is full from root to tip, as can be seen.
  • If the Vietnamese bone straight hair appears straight and uniform at first look, you should inspect closer to determine if there are any curled hair strands present or not. If there are, the hair has not been managed properly, and the bone-straight shape will be quickly gone.

Source: V hair vendor